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Dewatering & Drying

Freeze dewatering unit FDWU

The Siccum Freeze Dewatering Units (FDWU) are intended for the dewatering of various types of sludge and sediment. Designed for industrial environments, they can be supplied as a whole stationary processing facility, part, or as a mobile installation. The FDWU can also be complemented with the Siccum THAW COLLECTOR (TC) and climate shell.

Thaw collector TC

The Siccum Thaw Collector (TC) is an accessory product for the Siccum Freeze Dewatering Unit (FDWU). TC is not sold separately, only as an addition to a new or existing FDWU. The TC is designed for collecting, thawing, and drying the outgoing material from the FDWU. It is a unit containing an elevator and specially perforated conveyor belts to allow airflow through the material and drainage of reject water, while simultaneously capturing solids.


Reverse Core Sampler RCS

The Siccum Reverse Core Sampler is a product developed for field sampling for mapping of soil and bottom conditions. Siccum RCS utilizes freezing technology for the extraction of desired layer samples.

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