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Reverse Core Sampler


Value from Waste


Accurate sampling


Flexible layer size


Reduced risk of contamination


Reduce cost of dredging


Capture suspended layers

The Siccum RCS is suitable for use in layer sampling from soil and sea/lake bottoms, for example, sediment sampling. By utilizing freezing technology, the RCS solidifies the sample during extraction, ensuring that the samples represent the layers to be mapped. The layer size is flexible and can easily be modified as needed. The extraction depth for samples is about 2 meters. The working depth for Siccum RCS is up to 2 meters in standard configuration but can be supplemented with an extension kit for an extended working depth of up to 6 meters of water column, totaling 8 meters. Siccum RCS is portable and powered by 18V Li-ion batteries. Attachments are available on both the central unit and the layer box for easy mounting, for example, on a dock, pontoon, boat, or sled.

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Sampling process

The Siccum RCS can be used from a dock, boat, or during winter on a snowmobile sled, etc.

The RCS Probe is connected with quick couplings to the central unit with hoses of appropriate lengths for the circumstances.

The RCS Probe is then pushed down to the bottom at the depth from which the sample is desired to be taken (Max 2 m).

If the water column is high, extension rods can easily be attached to the RCS probe (Provides 2 m extra length per extension rod up to 6 m).

When the RCS Probe is at the correct depth in the sediment, the central unit is activated to begin freezing the surroundings of the Probe (6-10 mm).

After about 90 seconds, the RCS Probe is lifted from the sediment and placed in the viewing box, which is prepared with sample boxes of the desired layer resolution.

When the RCS Probe is in the viewing box, the central unit is set to thawing.

The RCS probe will now thaw the frozen sample, which is collected in the respective sample box.

The sample boxes can then be taken up, sealed, and labeled for further processing.

Before the next sampling cycle, new sample boxes are placed in the viewing box for the next sample extraction.

The cycle is repeated.

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Sampling as a Service

Siccum offers SaaS - Sampling as a Service with the Reverse Core Sampler in accordance with customer need. Siccum can deliver:

  • Team fully equipped with sampling experience and expertise

  • Desired number of samples

  • GPS coordinates of each sample

  • Desired layer size of each probe sample

  • Delivery of samples to desired laboratory

  • Analysis adminstration

  • Anywhere in Sweden and in the EU

  • Any season

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Interested in buying or leasing equipment?

Are you interested in buying or leasing our Reverse Core Sampler? Please reach out to us for more information.

All fruitful collaborations begin with a simple dialogue, contact us today.

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