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Siccum's Innovative Dewatering Technology Gains Momentum in Swedish Mining Industry

Our dewatering solutions are generating interest in the Swedish mining industry.

During Q4 2023, Siccum has entered into agreements to conduct tests on sludge from the mining industry. This is due to the potential the technology has shown in dewatering challenging sludges from the mining industry.

We will conduct a number of material evaluations Q2 to determine the performance of the technology for dewatering sludge from the mining industry. There are a number of values our technology has the potential to offer customers who handle waste and sludge with low dry matter content. What we know is that we can increase the dry matter content of most materials to over 80% and thereby reduce the volume by approximately the same factor. What becomes extremely interesting in the upcoming tests is, what other positive effects and business value our technology can achieve in terms of handling reject water.

The coming months will be an exciting period for our continued journey towards more efficient and circular processes for both water and sludge treatment.


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