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Advancing Industry Through Innovation and Product Development Grants

Grants Approved for Accelerated Development

Industry Innovation and Product Development. Two of Siccum's development projects have been approved for grants: an Innovation Development grant for the continued development of the FDWU, and a Product Development grant for the Reverse Core Sampler. These grants are awarded by the Regional County Council, Region Norrbotten, through their regional development entity, Utveckla Norrbotten. This entity manages and approves funding contributions for regional development initiatives by the European Union.

Project 1: Fostering Innovation in Dewatering Technology

We are at the brink of a transformative era in the dewatering field, thanks to our advancements. Supported by Utveckla Norrbotten, Region Norrbotten, and the European Union, our project aims to commercialize the innovative freeze dewatering technology for sludge and sediments from various sectors, including the base industry, water treatment plants, and the pulp industry. These sectors regularly produce sludge—a challenging byproduct due to its low dry matter content. Current dewatering methods, primarily relying on oil and coal burners, fall short in environmental sustainability and economic efficiency. Siccum’s technology aims not only to revolutionize the handling of sludge and sediments but also to offer a significantly greener and more cost-effective solution.

Project 2: Revolutionizing Environmental Sampling with Precision Equipment

In the field of environmental remediation there is a critical need for equipment capable of accurately mapping sediment and soil conditions. Traditional sampling methods often result in self-contamination, leading to unreliable results. To address this, Siccum has developed a concept for a new product—the Siccum Reverse Core Sampler. This innovative tool aims to drastically improve sample integrity and, consequently, the accuracy of environmental assessments.

The development of this tool has already entered a collaborative phase with a partner to test the equipment, with plans to construct a number of experimental units for field trials. These trials are crucial for refining the design and manufacturing process, laying the groundwork for the commercial production of the sampler. Notably, the manufacturing will take place in Norrbotten, where initial screenings have shown promising potential for sourcing both components and expertise locally. This initiative not only underlines our commitment to regional development but also emphasizes our focus on enhancing manufacturing productivity and efficiency for the commercial version of the sampler.


We express our gratitude to Region Norrbotten and its entity Utveckla Norrbotten, and the European Union for the grants to the projects. The grants give us the possibility to accelerate the ongoing innovation and development at Siccum.


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