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Plant Dewatering Solution

Siccum offers tailored solutions for your processing needs. The versatility of the FDWU makes it ideal for many different process chains with the need of achiving high dry matter substance.  It is important to ensure performance of the installations, thats why Siccum have  developed the Siccum Material Evaluation process to guarantee that no customer need or requirement are overlooked in the planning and installation process.

Dewatering Revolution

With the FDWU, operators can eliminate process steps in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. The FDWU handles both the dewatering and drying steps in a single machine. The FDWU's capacity can be customized to meet any process needs with high power efficiency and without the use of additives. Read more about the performance of the Siccum Freeze Dewatering Units.

Made for the future

The FDWU is designed for industrial use, both from an operating and maintenance perspective. It also aligns with upcoming regulations regarding resource extraction from waste. This innovation is our contribution to a more sustainable and circular economy.

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Campaign Dewatering

The FDWU can be installed in 40ft containers for mobility. This application is suitable for remediation and restoration campaigns where there is a temporary need for dewatering.

Lower total cost

By dewatering at the source, Siccum can offer substantial cost savings in transportation, handling, and lead-time reduction. The FDWU container solution can be leased or purchased.

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Core Sampling Solutions

The Siccum Reverse Core Sampler is a product developed for field sampling for mapping soil and bottom conditions. Siccum RCS utilizes freezing technology for the extraction of desired layer samples.


The RCS is a powerful sampling tool to create comprehensive and detailed mappings of bottom or soil conditions.

Dredging planning

Lower the total cost of dredging with accurate sampling. With the RCS, the accuracy of the dredging plans can deliver substantial operational cost savings.

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