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Financial Report


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Message from the CEO

We stand at the forefront of a paradigm shift in dewatering technology. Our innovative approach is set to be a crucial component in the quest for a more sustainable society.

By reducing the volume of sludge directly at its source, we aim to significantly cut down on environmental impact. This is where Siccum truly stands out with its unique methods. We believe in harnessing the power of water to create value from waste for a more sustainable future.


Jens Eriksson
CEO, Siccum AB

The Company and Shares

Siccum is a privately held Swedish registered company based in Pajala, with an operational scope covering the Nordic and EU.

The Siccum Share is an unlisted private share. It has a total of 25 shareholders, which consist of a mix of private individuals and corporations.


This diverse group of stakeholders brings together various perspectives and resources, contributing to the innovative strength, professional management, business network, and operating readiness of Siccum AB.


The Board

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